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It sure would take alot of them to get full!

I am sorry that happened to you, and those words are not near enough, I know I cannot even imagine the horror. I am sorry someone did that to you.

What I was trying to say is that WE are the fish in the corporate farm and that there is a money making industry attached to the abortion and healthcare issues. The criminals are making us pay, pay, pay and then they decide what kind of care we can have.

I am wondering. Are there and charity abortion clinics? Maybe there are. I know there are charity crisis pregnancy centers who help mothers carry the unborn.

No woman is an incubator. I am taking it that you believe in a Creator? Then, you, fishy, are a wonderful and miraculous creation, not an incubator.

I would not and do not demand anything of you. Yes, I would have encouraged you towards granting life if you were carrying a child and helped you if you wanted it. I am not judge or jury for anyone's actions. There are people who deeply regret their abortions and that would be a terrible trauma to add to a rape. But no one can know but the person in the situation. Not me. I am no one.

That being said, there are 50 MILLION slaughtered humans on American Soil that were not products of rape. They had no opportunity for life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness and were terminated without their own concent, trial, or representation. And I am saying there is a financial reason for that event and someone is making money.

I think our common ground is that we are in a fight for Liberty. Ron Paul says if we do not protect life we cannot protect Liberty. There is meaning to those words and we are seeing them played out here in this forum right here where people are being conditioned to let children die. When we are all tied together in social medicine there is a financial advantage withhold treatment from the sick.

IMO It boils down to the value placed on money vs the value placed on humanity. The beginning of humanity is the unborn child.