Comment: The best President we never had.

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The best President we never had.

I sit here in wonderment about what kind of America Ron Paul would have created if he had been elected President, were it not for the establishment and special interests who blocked him at every turn.

Ron Paul would have changed America to a nation closer to the ideals of the founding fathers than whole generations of presidents before him. He would have re-invigorated and revitalised America, awakened and re-empowered its citizens to pursue their desire of individual freedom through exercising their god given ideals of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A benign foreign policy of "Friendship with all nations, alliances with none". A smaller government. Honest and sound money. And the people left to their own devices to pursue their highest ideals.

It has been Ron Paul who has pushed back the door of tyranny just a crack, and awakened in our hearts the desire for liberty. It is up to us the people to make good on his wonderful legacy and to follow his example. Thank you Ron Paul. You are truly an amazing man!