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Think about this...

Thomas, I have an active duty spouse (O-6) and a daughter on a ROTC scholarship. Moreover, I was a Civil Engineer undergrad AND had a ROTC scholarship that I dropped after 2 years. Rules have changed, so it's not as easy as it used to be, but I do think i know something about your position.

I don't think you have a moral dilemma until you receive orders to an immoral theater. Until then, you are training and working for the defense of the country, which is a perfectly constitutional and moral undertaking. There are many fine people in all branches of the military, most of whom probably agree with you. You will be in the officer corps, with some power to influence your situation.

You signed a contract when you accepted your scholarship. Honor it. There is no better way to learn leadership and build character. And as VP of a company hiring people like you, you are the guy I am looking for after your 4 year stint. By the way, your pay as a 2LT is more like $45k when you consider all your allowances and depending where you are stationed. Don't underestimate that. Companies are very slow to hire entry level these days, and we're paying $38 to $45k entry level. Don't make it about salary.

If you just want out of your commitment, pay the money back (if they let you...last time we researched it it was not an enlisted billet was the alternative). But don't make it a moral dilemma.