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but neither SUPPORTED NOR VOTED FOR any pig slop

He took it none the less. And if that is doing his job, then it's an immoral job, eh?

The GOP ignorned him until he made waves in 07 and as people like myself joined him in the GOP.. they then worked to silence him.

Actually, many of us were already awake and trying to win this battle from outside the GOP. I refused to join the GOP in 07/08, I supported Ron Paul because he was saying what I believed. He was confirming, and educating.. I didn't agree with RP 100%, but I agreed with his platform. I did not agree to his path in the GOP. Now I do. The GOP is still not aknowledging him anything but a "protest vote".

I don't agree, I find that the GOP co-ops the Constitution, American Independent and Libertarian candidates by installing those within the GOP.. Bob Barr, GJ, Chuck Baldwin to name three.

UN AGenda 21 is sold on Amazon.

There is definately a huge massive problem in the GOP and why I decided to join and get to work restoring the republic.

I don't consider the Tea Party Republican anymore than I consider the OWS Democratic.. both are controlled by MSM

I could care less what the Doc wants to hear from me. So far all I've heard is THANK YOU, GREAT JOB!! Please give us more support, which is way more than I heard in 07/08 when I did more work but refused to join the GOP. I'm even invited to a Christmas Party. Seems the campaign rewards action more than financial support.. rather than send money to the campaign, I spent that money getting myself elected and seated.. they seemed pleased,, only regret I have is not doing it in 07/08

On my committee, not all Republicans have the same agenda, interest, influence, objective, goals or beliefs.. I'm very pleased to see the development of my own committee filling with oath keepers as the Neocons retire. It's a great moment to be in the GOP at this time.

I'm very happy to support C4L.

My banners all said rEVOLution and that's what I'm sticking with.. co-op it to r3VOLution,, no biggy..

While I'm not interested in a Ron Paul Liberty Movement.. I certainly wouldn't rain on their parade. I hope they are as happy as I am, and I am very happy where I am and how things are going. I'm sure my county will be among the first to restore the republic.

It was not my idea to join the GOP. I wish I was that briilliant, I would have joined in 07.. but whether you believe it or not.. I was asked to join the GOP. I refused in 07. I was cut off from the campaign. Dropped faster than a hot potato. This campaign. I joined the GOP and have been with the campaign since. I like Benton, Tate, my contacts and it sure beats being dropped. Joining the GOP made all the difference for me. That is my experience, no matter how you chose to twist it or rewrite it.

I am happy to be a Republican, RepubliCAN.. whatever.. I'm not hung up on any lable.. call me whatever you want, just don't call me late for a GOP committee meeting!