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Comment: I like it! Mind you "Try to find something with popular support.

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I like it! Mind you "Try to find something with popular support.

I'm actually a registered Green, so talking about Flouride helps me within my Party. I'm not working on flouride right now, but I did help a Water Board member run for County Supervisor for a couple weeks, so I'm sure I could get him to listen to a clear argument against putting flouride in our water (we don't have it now; there is an unfunded state mandate that our district/County has simply ignored for a while). And flouride isn't so much crazy talk out here. If it were, I wouldn't bother with it in my area/party. If you follow me.

If you are running for offices that is great. A great way to help get elected is to work with other Republicans on a local issue that hasn't gotten the activist attention it requires to pass. Figure out something you can bring up at a meeting and get nods and "yeahs" from people, that has an actual realistic path to passing in your area (as in, you know what body is in charge, what you have to present, how much support you need to organize, etc.)

Yes, there are also appointed government positions you can always run for, Boards and Commissions with your City and County. Those are great places to build a campaign to run for Water Board, and City Council and get into the management and legaslative positions within government.

Jack Wagner