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That is were non-political action comes.

To hedge against economic downturn, not only can you invest in metals, but also invest in tools and knowledge (and habit). Learn to grow food by starting to grow food now. Get some fruit trees, they should only be about $20 for a foot tall that may already be barring some fruit. My orange tree is a year old and has a few fruits, my roommates lemon tree is 3 years old and fruiting like crazy! Kale grows great in our back yard. As does onions and garlic. We got strawberries growing (but not thriving). And chocolate mint like crazy! Carrots should be a plenty this season as well.

Learn to tinker and scrap too. I got those skills this year working at a family farm. Extracting Steel, and Stainless steel, and copper/brass/bronze, from junked machines, is an important skill. Think of it as reverse mining.

And keep voting. Get more people to vote. When focusing the conversation on local elections you can get many non-voters to register. They always don't vote because they only look at the Presidential Election, and maybe, Congress.

Keep truckin'. Keep building.

Jack Wagner