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Comment: Will the Singularity mean Immortality?

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Will the Singularity mean Immortality?

Japanese scientist, Shinya Yamanaka's research won a 2012 Nobel Prize for discovering that ordinary cells of the body can be reprogrammed into stem cells, which then can turn into any kind of tissue. Yamanaka took full-grown cells from humans and regressed them - sent them back in time, to their earliest, embryonic state - and then coaxed them into the future, into totally new types of cells. His research may help doctors regenerate tissue lost to injury or illness. Using his technology, scientists can now take a skin cell and transform it into a heart cell that will actually beat in a lab dish. It's a discovery that may lead to longer lives, and possibly who knows, even immortality though scientists are loathe to use that term. Predictions are this research will come to the general public in the next decade and who knows, in 25-50 years we all may be living forever.