Comment: Look up "Lucid Dreaming."I

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Look up "Lucid Dreaming."I

Look up "Lucid Dreaming."

I imagine this activity is reponsable for most alien abudction experiences, as well as religeous ones. If you've ever been in your bed, unable to move with some kind of presence in the room, be it aliens, demons or whatever... and then suddenly found yourself taken to a mystical/terrible location, than you my friend were lucid dreaming. This goes for out-of-body experiences as well.

Get good at it, and you will find you can choose your hallucination. I used to do this nearly every night, and I can tell you I have flown through galactic heavens with arch-angels, listening to music so powerful it could shake your bones. Ive flown with pink elephants and seen things that would blow most people's minds. The differance is, I recognised these things for what they were. Dreams of my creation during this rare state of half-sleep. Many many people throughout history have mistaken lucid dreaming for actual out-of-body expierences, abuductions or prophetic visions from the super-king.

"No way! It was far too real to be a dream! It was real!"

When your eyes look about you, do you imagine you are seeing what is really there? No. You are viewing an image your mind creates utilizing the "light data" your eyes are sending to your brain. When you dream, you are viewing the same imagery produced on the same screen. Your mind. Therefore, dreaming looks every bit as real as waking life. If you could maintain your wakeful consciousness while asleep, you would barley know the differance. In Lucid dreaming, you do maintain some or most of your consciousness. In these times when you mind is semi-conscious and collecting memory, a dream will appear every bit as real as waking life... because really, there is almost no differance.