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It takes time...

Honestly, I had to grow as well... I used to use what my dad called the "sledgehammer" approach. He said a lot of libertarians come off as too brash and mean, including myself for a while. I figured out who in the liberty movement he actually liked... Andrew Napolitano, whom my dad fondly refers to as "The Judge". We would watch freedom watch together until it got canceled. After that, I ended up being very active in the Paul campaign, flew out and spent weeks volunteering in Iowa, New Hampshire, SC and my home state of NC. I told my parents I wanted them to understand what I was doing so I had them watch 'For Liberty' with me. That didn't really work, but at least they knew what I was up to.

Over the next few months I argued with them constantly about all sorts of our issues. Then I gave my dad 'End the Fed' to read but he only got through about 3 chapters before he got fed up and put it down. After that I started asking him questions instead of starting off by telling him things. I got him to think about his views and explain them to me. After which, I would share my thoughts on it. I also wrote some articles on the Examiner ( which he ended up reading. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even talk to him about Mitt Romney because he'd just get pissed off. I went down the the RP rally in Tampa and after I returned I let my dad know that I was in the RP video on CSPAN. I told him about all the drama at the convention. We ended up watching a lot of videos together and talking for a while.

During the debates, I think he may have started to notice that what I was talking about all along...that Romney and Obama were the same, was partially true. After the election, I didn't say a word to him about Romney's loss. I did let him know that I was happy that Romney lost because we'll have another chance for liberty in 2016. Then he started noticing the Republicans doing things like Democrats... talking about raising taxes and the debt ceiling. At the end of the day I don't really know what did it... persistence I guess. I'm just happy he's come around.