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Comment: Once again... 25 people at my

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Once again... 25 people at my

Once again... 25 people at my Libertarian state convention. Contrary to the Holywood perversion of the meaning of Alice in Wonderland, Alice is famous for saying to the Queen of Hearts: "We must not believe in impossible things."

Reality matters. Reality is, the 3rd party will Not not not happen until we have taken over and dismantled at least one of the 2 major parties.

We are nearly there. My reorganizing meeting tonight is likley going to end with a new chairman and treasurer who are in the Ron Paul camp. We have 46% of the PCO slots, and are working to fill the other 16 with RP people. This is happening everywhere.

If there's going to be a 3rd party, its going to have to be the Neocon dinosaurs who have to start it when we take their over from inside.

Quit trying to cling to the impossible and come join the resistance. We are all Individualists, the party name is irrelivant and to cling to ridiculous symantics is exactly what they want because it divides us. Join us in showing the Neocons the door.