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Comment: No matter how much we all

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No matter how much we all

No matter how much we all want that, Dr. Paul is still way wiser than me.

In this week alone, he spoke in two interviews. One was about him getting, and taking the advice of McDonald. The result being, why Ron is in the Republican party.

The other is the radio interview where Colmes asks about third party. Dr. Paul states, not yet because the two parties make the rules.

I'm not going to doubt this guy with all this experience.

* * *

There is a big division between those Libertarians who are agreeing with Ron Paul that the battle is in the Republican party and those that do not want to do this.

Except for the delegate states, the non-party-battlers are in the majority. My comment is this. Those who do not want to work the Repub party cite that they do not want to have to deal with the lying, corruption, and any other description one wants to use. I consider this like the way the Revolutionary War Militia was described in many instances. That as soon as the Redcoats lined up for battle, the militia ran from the field.

The moral is, the bad guys have control and if we want control, we are going to have to face the bad guys and all that descriptive behavior. It is inevitable. Feeling warm and cozy in the Libertarian or third party isn’t going to avoid the conflict.

It possibly is just wasting more time avoiding, then heading into the battle that is present right now, and has others already in it.

Pay now or pay later. But paying the price is going to have to happen either way.