Comment: Speaking of Rand in 2016...

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Speaking of Rand in 2016...

Today Joel Skousen did some commentary on a Salon article laying out who the top contenders for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination (He covers several that are echoed by much of the media, but I'll only cover two here). Joel is a government corruption expert and was largely correct in his predictions for 2012. So this is interesting. He puts his comments in [brackets] and he uses the abbreviation "PTB" for powers that be. You can see the whole article by requesting a free copy (recommended) at World Affairs Brief ( It's important for you to know that Skousen is not a Romney fan at all. He's speaking from the vantage point of the "kingmakers." He promoted Ron Paul heavy and hard. Here's an excerpt:



Something quite extraordinary has surfaced recently in the way kingmakers select candidates for a future election. Normally, they wait until a couple of years prior to begin promoting the slate they want. This time, it happened a couple of weeks after the recent election. In the past two election cycles, Mitt Romney has thrown a monkey wrench into Kingmaker’s plans by inserting himself into a closed election process that doesn’t like uninvited guests. So, last week the establishment media started their propaganda campaign two years early, listing all the top contenders for the 2016 Republican nomination—and Mitt Romney, with the now highest name recognition and visibility of any candidate, is nowhere to be found. I predicted just that in the briefs—that the powers that be (PTB) couldn’t stop a Romney candidacy in 2012, but they went all out to make sure he didn’t win, so they could dismiss him as a loser and be rid of him for good.

Romney and Obama had lunch Thursday in the White House. “In their first meeting since the election, Obama and the Republican nominee are to meet in the White House's private dining room Thursday, fulfilling a promise Obama made in his victory speech the night of Nov. 6.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama had no specific agenda for the meeting, but he said the president would like to discuss Romney's ideas for making government more efficient.”

Rumors surfaced that Romney is angling for a cabinet level position, but I doubt he’ll get it—even if in a fairly non-politicized roll, if there is such a thing anymore. The PTB don’t want Romney to get any more notoriety. They want him to simply go away—and a high level position in government doesn’t serve that purpose.

For Romney’s part, he’s simply following the recommendations of his advisors to appear bipartisan and non-bitter about the loss. He didn’t even come close to challenging all the obvious vote fraud, as his advisors kept pushing him to take the ‘high ground’ —which in this case is the path of non-resistance to evil.

I think I’ve also discovered how I think they rigged the election against Romney beyond the obvious and widespread vote registration fraud by Democrats. In looking at the election figures, one thing has always bothered me—the claims that there was a reduced turnout, compared to 2008. Millions less voted, they claim.

However, this election was far more contested than 2008 when Republicans had a lackluster and distrusted John McCain running. There’s no way there would have been less enthusiasm this time around. Obama was running on change last time, and the Republicans had all but worn out their welcome in Washington. Now people were screaming for real change, and they claim millions less showed up at the polls.

What we probably saw was vote manipulation at the tally end this year, where states send their vote tallies into national based counting houses—the same ones run by foreign corporations. It’s a pretty simple task to eliminate numbers at that level, and as long as no one requests a manual recount, who would know? But the overall figures are suspicious.

Looking forward to 2016, here are the media picks according to, echoed by many others: ...

... Jeb Bush:

“The former Florida governor is a white guy too, of course. But the Spanish-speaking Bush, whose wife Columba was born in Mexico, has close ties to the Latino community. And he has long been pushing for his party to ‘stop acting stupid’ and moderate its tone and hard line on immigration. ‘You have to deal with this issue,’ he told CBS News' Charlie Rose earlier this year, arguing for a path to citizenship or residency that he said ‘does put me probably out of the mainstream of most conservatives [yes, indeed].’

“That's not the only area where the center-right Bush has broken with his party - He also broke with his party's staunch opposition to raising tax rates, saying that he would have supported a hypothetical deal which included ten dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in additional revenue.

“Bush's last name had been expected to be something of a liability had he entered the 2012 race: His older brother left office just four years ago, and George W.'s post-presidency approval ratings remain low. Bush would also have had to answer uncomfortable questions about his brother's legacy. But by 2016, those questions, along with ‘Bush fatigue,’ are likely to have faded, and Americans may be willing to seriously consider another Bush in the Oval Office [this is an important comment explaining why Bush didn’t run this time and try to beat Romney for the nomination. I think he knew his chances would be better in 2016 and the PTB wanted to take this opportunity to get rid of Romney by defeating him. My assessment: I think this is the establishment favorite for president]. ...

...Sen. Rand Paul

“Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has maintained many of the same libertarian positions as his father, outgoing Rep. Ron Paul, while forging a closer relationship with the mainstream GOP. While Paul's advocacy for a smaller U.S. military footprint and less government involvement in American lives attracts young voters who have traditionally not been drawn to the GOP, it's not clear that he could expand his father's small but passionate base of support enough to make a serious run at the nomination.[my assessment: I think Paul will be a major player and champion the Tea Party wing in 2016, but the PTB won’t let him get the nomination. If he gets into the debates, he’ll be a serious contender that will have to be quashed]


Hopefully, Rand won't be quashed, but Skousen is a realist and knows how the Kingmakers operate. So we'll have our work cut out for us.