Comment: Splitting Hairs over the Name of the Movement

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Splitting Hairs over the Name of the Movement

So many people are worried about whether we are the Liberty Movement or the r3VOLution, or Ron Paul Libertarians or Ron Paul Republicans, or ... whatever.

this is ridiculous. as soon as we recognize that one term is the NeoLiberty lefties, they'll change it again, to be whatever we think is more reasonable. They aren't stupid, they adapt.

We have to use the Duck test to decide what is real and what isn't. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck....

To that end, I think its best that we make a decision to not embrace any leader who doesn't have AT LEAST a decade of verifiable strong liberty credentials. Like Dr No has and like Judge Napolitano has.

Jumping behind Rand at this point is premature at best. I'm not on the rand-bandwagon simply because I want to see a decade of solid liberty votes. One of the most powerful, convincing arguments for voting for Ron Paul in this last election was "look at his record, he doesn't break his stands. You know for sure that he actually has a backbone so he's as good as his word.

If you can't make that argument about a new proposed leader of the liberty movement, then go home. These new guys that have started talking the talk, and walking it to some extent... give them a decade, and they will be viable candidates. Until then, hold to the principles, not the "organized" movement, lest the organization lead you astray.

As far as the third party route to doing things, I honestly believe we'd get farther by attempting to overthrow BOTH parties with liberty minded candidates, rather than attempt to make a third party for them to ridicule. certainly that is how the anti-liberty movement has had so much success.