Comment: Its always dangerous when you dance with the devil

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Its always dangerous when you dance with the devil

... I almost 100% agree with Brother Winston. While in Tampa I had the opportunity to speak to quite a few Ron Paul Delegates. Most recognized the futility of their actions, while others held to the idea that we just didn't push hard enough. I for one believe that this last primary proved to us that the Republican Party is Done! The fallacy is that, people think its better to fix whats broken than replace it. The Republican Party is in self destruct mode and WE need to be ready to replace it with something else when the time comes. Towards that end, it may better serve OUR MOVEMENT to gather positions of power within the existing system and wait for its demise. The rub comes when those who fill those positions begin to assimilate into the system. This is why if you are going to dance with the Devil, you don't allow the Devil to lead.

I like Rand, and I understand what he is doing and what role he serves in our Movement. He is dancing... and I can only hope he always remembers how he came to have such a position.