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Comment: They seriously don't get it.

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They seriously don't get it.

They seriously don't get it. The history of the Brotherhood has direct ties to the Nazis and is steeped in socialism. Islamofascists are nothing to root for. I have stared them eyeball to eyeball. Their theocracies are the most brutal on the planet with regards to individual freedom...China included. I worked in Saudi. When I was in Saudi, I have seen the gatherings when the head choppings begin...thousands gather to cheer and their chief executioner is a national hero. America gives five times more money to the enemies of Israel than it does to Israel. Dr. Paul often quoted this stat. You think the TSA is bad? Try having pages cut from a magazine or a book confiscated upon entry to these countries. I was searched for three hours once while a computer guy went through my laptop file by file.