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Indeed, while I think it is

Indeed, while I think it is definitely possible, if not probable, that life exists elsewhere in the universe, that certainly doesn't mean Ancient Aliens isn't BS. There are many obstacles to contacting aliens even if they do exist. For one, even if life develops on another planet, that doesn't mean that intelligent life is necessarily going to evolve. And intelligence alone isn't enough to set up a civilization. Would humans have ever been able to achieve space travel if we had hooves instead of hands with opposable thumbs? And even if you could achieve light-speed space travel, it would take over four years just to get to the closest star. The vast majority of the universe is thousands, millions, or even billions of light-years away from us. And then there's the time aspect of it; modern humans have been around for a few hundred thousand years. Hominins a couple million. It's very possible that alien civilizations both developed and collapsed millions of years before we existed; or that this will happen after humans are gone