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Comment: Of course not...

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Of course not...

Of course not, a 30 second google images search for "molten steel, twin towers" came up with this. it and all the other images must have been photoshoped. Maybe this is photoshopped also you make the decision. Of course heat did weaken, bend and distort steel beams and maybe caused a partial collapse. But how does that explain the mounds of molten steel that is so clearly visible in vast amounts of photos of the ruins from the twin towers? It is really hard to ignore the elephant in the room. Anyone out there that has had the years of experience of working high rise construction like I have? How many of you have used a cutting torch or an arc welder and have a feel for what kind of heat it takes to cut and melt steel. Talk to a real steel worker and not a paper pushing know it all that has never had his hands dirty if you want real answers. If you want a cover up, talk to a government bureaucrat that is an "expert". This whole thing stinks to high heaven. As far as I can research there has never been a structural steel building in history that has collapsed because of fire. And now we have 3 that fall at the same place and the same day? No way no how. That elephant just keep getting bigger and bigger, when will everyone see it?