Comment: Not meaning to be Johnny Raincloud here,

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Not meaning to be Johnny Raincloud here,

but, somebody doesn't understand the demographics of South Carolina.

"The GOP must engage positively with minorities and the next generation, or it will become the increasingly irrelevant “party of aging, white men.”"

In South Carolina, as throughout the entire Southeast, the people that decide Republican primaries are predominantly white and predominantly age 45-75. And yes, there are more men that vote than women. Blandford isn't trying to win a primary in New Mexico or running for president. It makes no sense to play identity politics and try to appeal to minorities and socially liberal young voters when you're trying to capture the Republican nomination in a state like SC. All that kind of rhetoric is going to do is piss off the voters needed to win the GOP primary. Besides, identity politics is one of the disgusting aspect of the Democratic Party. The Jeffersonians won immigrants' votes by running on a platform of freedom, equal opportunity, free trade and Constitutionalism. Ron Paul won the most minority votes in GOP primaries by doing the same. We don't have to "engage positively" with minorities. Just preach liberty and the liberty-loving minorities will join.

Blandford has Lindsay Graham beat with SC Republican voters on economics and Constitutionalism. The foreign policy will be a challenge with the huge military industrial complex in SC. But, mark my words. Lindsay Graham will make Swiss Cheese out of this guy running on that social platform. For better or for worse, that's just the way the South is.