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As an experienced constructor there is no way that the building could have "pancaked".

1. The towers were constructed with a central steel core or cage. This is the strongest part of the building. Think of it as the "backbone".

2. If a plane had sheared the central core the floors above would have toppled in the direction of the structural failure... the "gash".

3. "Pancaking" tends to only happen with one type of commercial construction method called "lift slab". The best example of lift-slab failure is the L'Ambiance Plaza tragedy in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

4. The upper floors of WTC could not have generated enough downward force or acceleration for the remaining structure below it to fail in rapid succession.

I remember watching on TV saying to myself that the buildings functioned perfectly, they absorbed the impact and dispersed it as they were designed to do. The Twin Towers were very flexible & resilient. In high winds they swayed many feet off-center without incident for decades.

There is no way these structures would have pancaked without additional assistance, none, period.

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