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Comment: I am neither this or that.

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I am neither this or that.

To the 2 posters above:

I do not claim to be an expert concerning past political figures, presidents included. My story is known here on the DP.

I have said that I am ashamed to be my age and never interested in politics before. An over-achiever in many areas, I have led a decent and productive life, minding my own business. I voted 'hope and change' in 2008, but only after asking family members who I should vote for. Just prior to this January 2012, I sensed something seriously wrong. Things were very different than they were when I was growing up. I did not attribute it to anything political, until a family member came for a visit and suggested that I look at our government. Reluctant, and still not interested, I took it upon myself to do so.

Ron Paul was the last candidate that I researched, simply because I never heard of him before. Prior to supporting Ron Paul, I looked at every candidate's voting records, none of which appealed to me. It was after researching Ron Paul, that I discovered that I led my entire life pretty much the way that he promoted his ideas. From there I was hooked, and knew that Ron Paul was the candidate that I could support from my heart, and my intellect.

So, when I hear Carter or Rand promote what I believe to be important for humanity and this nation, our Republic, I scramble whatever time I have available to research further. Considering my political awareness began only this year, I personally feel that I have covered more ground than many so-called conservatives [and liberals] have their entire lives. Yet, I still know that I have very much to learn, and will continue to do so. I will not speak for others; their travels are unique and different than mine.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul