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I hear you

"for example, MSM and their censorship of Ron Paul's victories, or achievements"

I understand that, and I feel as much outraged as you do, certainly.

But intellectually, that's not the point :

if enough of the american people is "stupid (or rather : conditioned) enough" to buy it ... do not blame the corporations WHO JUMP on this opportunity.

The corporations' top execs greed for power (and money) is only served by the very same CRONYISM peer officials who allow them to gain monopolies and rig always more the markets, destroy fair competition, etc.

Corporations IN BED with the government. That is the cause of the rigging.

Thus, this is PRECISELY BECAUSE some elected officials in office WITH A LOT OF POWER re: the making of Perverted Laws that SOME corporations PLAY the STATISTS game and make profit out of it.

The MORE POWERFUL (in extent and prerogatives) the laws that COERCE people's freedoms, THE MORE PERVERTED they get.


Blame the TRAITORS, CRONIES, and other CORRUPT officials **OF THE PAST** who have PERVERTED THE LAW already, and LONG AGO.

With the same devices : language confusion AND/OR moral hazard.

I do not say it is always the intent. Maybe Mr. Johnson is sincere and VERY NAIVE after all.

But soon or late ... this sort of law BECOMES THE WORST ENEMY of our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.


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