Comment: Wow. Some Nasty Stuff

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Wow. Some Nasty Stuff

I just got a text from my guys telling me about this article. The first impression I get from the comments is Wow, that is some Nasty stuff.

Ron Paul changed my entire view of what it meant to be an American. I remember first reading him when I was in the Navy; I was completely amazed. I found it life changing and inspiring. I made a decision then to continue to support and defend the Constitution after I left the Navy, so I ran for office. I had no political experience so I used Ron Paul (and the Daily Paul) as a frame work and learned through mistakes. I have literally been campaigning against hopeless odds since 2009. Sacrificing personal time and money, trying my best to spread the idea of Personal Responsibility and Liberty. I have been crushed against the Neocon wall here in SC, but I have kept my nose down and kept fighting. And yet, after the 2012 Paul Presidential Campaign, I am the newbie?!

I have been a loyal follower of the Daily Paul and it has helped me so much. I consider the people on the forum my allies and even my friends. I am amazed and all the negative stuff and don't even understand why its necessary. Why are we so quick to turn ugly; do we like being treated that way ourselves? I am not trying to rain on Davis' parade and don't even care who he is. The more people in the primary that are speaking liberty the better. I have been a consitent supporter of liberty for years and if you don't know me thats because I am third party.
I felt compelled to write something because I was surprised at all the "I am more liberty than you" nonsense. I know what I stand for and I know Ron Paul approves because I asked him personally. That is enough for me. I appreciate everything I learn from the Daily Paul and hope we can all be a little nicer to people who have made sacrifices for our common cause.

Keith Blandford