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I understand your argument. I

I understand your argument. I have used this rational to stay with it for as long as I have. But in reality how is this practical? I cannot think of a feasible situation where the US military would stand against tyranny, especially from our own government. See, I don't think there is a line that the military won't cross because the troops are so heavily indoctrinated and the lines are incremental and blurred. If ordered to do so, the majority of troops would partake in violence against civilians that resisted marshal law or property confiscation or something of that magnitude. I see the second American revolution (Civil War) as an example of this. So it comes down to what real, tangible difference for the benefit of liberty can I make as a officer in the Army? As of now, I believe little to none... and that would come at great personal cost. But I am open to more discussion on this.

"War is a Racket" - Maj. General Smedley Butler