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The only way to 'break'

The only way to 'break' bitcoin would be a 51% hash attack, which at this point in time would require 324.47 PetaFlops of continous computing power. Which is roughly 8 times what the top 10 (unclassified) supercomputers on Earth could manage combined. And even a successful 51% attack is limited in what kind of damage it can do, and is as temporary as the attackers' ability to maintain that kind of computing power. So no, not impossible; but astronomically unlikely. It really would take nation-state resources to even try it, and even then it's doubtful that the costs could be justified continously. The weak points in the bitcoin system are known, and provided for. This is exactly what the 'miners' are doing; a massive, collective & preemptive brute forcing of the network, continously.

There is literally no way to steal all the coins, to destroy the coins, or to counterfit the coins. If you believe that there is, then you don't understand how the cryptography is being used. I do understand, and even cryptologists view how bitcoin works as a novel use case. The only countermeasure is brute force computation, and again, the network is *continously* doing exactly the same thing to strenghten the network. It would likely be simpler to shut down the Internet, and even that might not prove to be fatal.