Comment: I know...But do we know?.....I think he dose!

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I know...But do we know?.....I think he dose!

Moderate his opinion? from what? the truth? I know all of us, who are trying to save what little we have left....know the truth.Burn? it's all GONNA burn baby,even if SCHIFF would run for Office,there is not enough time for even him,even "if" elected, to stop what is already set in motion.He knows This.Even the good DR. PAUL said that's what it will take,the total CRASH of our FIAT dollar,no matter what helicopter BEN thinks he can do.TMAN2000 i hope you have been putting away for that Rainy Day,the black clouds are on the horizon,I personally feel there will not be anymore elections before that day the shtf,...wish the best for you.