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They've taken it already,

So, what the heck, just give it to them. Might as well, they already took it.
Discounting the situation of a woman who feels her back is to the wall, and she feels an abortion is in her best interest, does NOTHING to cure the situation which caused her to think that way in the first place.

This law is an attempt to treat the symptom, that’s all. It born of a frustration that I also share.
But, I won’t be fooled into voluntarily giving the rights of all humans, current and future, to the government to “fix” some problem.

An analogy is for a human to sit in turpentine, develop a rash, and continue to sit in turpentine, complaining that the rash cream just isn’t working.

It’s abundantly clear that the government cannot solve problems. They aren’t protecting us, they are controlling us.

I protect freedom of speech, not because I agree with them, but because I don’t. When we don’t like what someone else does with a right, we think its ok to remove it. But, I disagree. That’s when it’s time to look at WHY that is, and see if it can be fixed from there.

There is a reason for abortion being what it has become today. If you can’t conceive of ANY reason a woman could justifiably have an abortion, then you do live in a dream world. The fringe cases are the very ones that MUST be protected.

I agree, and am horrified at what is happening, however I see the root of the problem as the education system, not the poor woman, stuck in an untenable situation.

A law forcing a woman to keep a life inside her says NOTHING about what she does with her body during that time. Crack is ok then? Marijuana? Cigarettes? Of course not. What about the unwanted child that was born. Say she does not give him to adoption, and instead, sells him into slavery.

Of course, these things sound ridiculous, but they are in keeping with that situation, maybe exaggerated. In a country with 300 million people, and a world with 6 billion people, I am not willing to say a situation involving a human is NOT possible. Outlawing abortion does not fix the problem in any way. The education, economic, and social situations are what cause this problem, not the lack of some law.

Have the drug laws stopped drug use in this country? Saudi Arabia beheads drug offenders, have their problems disappeared, or do they behead people every year?

You would give to a corrupt government that has already stolen the power of life and death, more power? I simply don’t legitimize the government’s input on this issue. They are NOT doing this to protect people; it’s about power and control. Pro-Lifers don’t see this because it’s the same power they want themselves.

I do agree that the fetus should be protected, but the education system is the root of EVERY issue we face today. Trace it all, every situation you can think of stems from our education, down to the very way kids are taught. Fixing this issue is paramount to every other problem. Without fixing this first, no other solution will be more than temporary. Except the freedom lost is permanent.

I do and have supported anti-abortion issues, vocally and financially. I will support any thing that gives people chooses, I can’t support anything which takes them away. Remember, a law like this is “your” choice, not everyone’s. What makes “you” the person to decide? What makes the government that person? (“you” = anyone, it’s not personal. ).

I can’t even hear the “abortion is murder” argument from an American until the illegal drone wars stop.

A government, on a campaign of murder, is to be trusted (now and forever) to protect unborn life? You don’t see something wrong with that? The main root of EVERYTHING is education. I’ve been trying for two days to come up with something that does not tie DIRECTLY to the education system of humans.
And, I can’t really think of many things Americans seem to care less about. That makes me wonder also.

Just open the box and see