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Sorry, I use AdBlocker and a

Sorry, I use AdBlocker and a filtering proxy so, I don't see any ads. Are you talking about: The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War - By Thomas DiLorenzo? Have you read the book? It has some good reviews on the net. I have a feeling the publisher can easily afford a few thousand in advertising. Any President that wages war upon his own people is never the good guy.
The worship of Lincoln in America is just as sick as Russians' worshiping Stalin or N.Korea worshiping Kim Jong Il. Yes they each may have more statues and all were honored as saviors of their nations. History, critical thinking and hind site being 20/20 we can prove otherwise. They really were tyrants with serious mommy issues.

Let's not forget the Civil War brought us 13th and 14th Amendment that made us all slaves.