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Lots of tips on youtube

I am very excited to see this discussion. (Pardon me, while I go ahead and slip on my tin foil hat...)
I spent the summer cut off from "technology" and found that "the wind" began to whisper to me. I am as sure as a person can be that there has been a deliberate attack on our dream time. We have been fully distracted by attacks on our emotions and our bodies, and we have left them total control of the dream state.
Understand that if we can restore our capacity to lucid dream, we can go into the dream time and battle as INVINCIBLE warriors. We ARE beings of energy, and when we engage our energy bodies, death no longer applies.
Here are things I find helpful, although I confess I am having trouble "going lucid" these days. I used to be a little more proficient at it.
Get up an hour earlier than usual and drink 1/2 cup of coffee, then go back to sleep on a couch or chair, not in your bed. As you lay there, tell yourself over and over "I am going to find my hands in my dream." The first time I succeeded, I was so shaken it woke me up immediately. After that shock wears off, the next up is "distraction." Nearly everyone I know who is a "dreamer" goes through a "flying" phase. It is SO engrossing, such a sense of liberty, that I forget to do anything useful in my dreamtime. So decide what dreamwork you want to do BEFORE you try to dream, that intent needs set deeply in your mind.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.