Comment: We "educated" - and they rejected us.

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We "educated" - and they rejected us.

We taught them about sound money, they even voted to put it in the platform. Then they blocked all attempts to educate the voters on the topic. We made them stop beating the war drum at the State Convention - silently stared them down. But in less than 6 months, it was all back to "booga booga - Terrorist!" talk, and the other RP supporters "compromised" with their new friends, and now the war drum is decorated with the scalps of those of us who tried to promote peace.
By the time the 2012 caucus happened, my old "allies" were openly hostile, treating me as if my "Ron Paul" flyers were blankets full of smallpox. People who lie and scheme can not be educated, they play along to take advantage of those kind hearted enough to "educate" when it is time to regulate.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.