Comment: What could be the Question of All the Questions?

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What could be the Question of All the Questions?

Very nicely made video.

But I have to say to this question "Could we really be alone?" that one hears often and most probably most have some times pondered it, is actually a question which I think arises from a fact that we are so lonely in our own planet. Our own planet with all its multiple historical and present cultures, traditions, philosophies, belief-systems, languages, customs, moral codes, fashions, etc.&etc. plus all the multiple fauna and flora with all their strange and interesting ways of existing. If we would find all of this (well actually even a fragment of it) and open ourselves to this mystery and to the question of how many different ways we could build again and again our own lives and the lives of social habituation we would not really think if we are alone in this universe. What does it matter if we are 'alone' or not? We feel alone, because we have not really found life in our own planet.

I do not mean that this question and the other questions that your video raises or brings to one's mind are irrelevant, but that these questions actually would be less important or they would be contextualized in a different manner if it would really be that we would find each other here and now in a creative manner.

How to find life where one is right at this moment?

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--