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Clearing the air ...

As a member of the Blandford campaign, I'd like to clarify something: we had already committed to our primary challenge of Lindsey Graham when we learned that Tom Davis had mentioned the possibility of running against him. We feel strongly that Keith Blandford can beat Lindsey Graham in the GOP primary, win the election, and do a fantastic job in the U.S. Senate. That is why we are putting our own time and money on the line for this effort.

If Senator Davis decides to pursue his own campaign against Lindsey Graham, SC voters will have the opportunity to choose between two great candidates. If he decides to continue his outstanding work in the SC Senate, SC residents will continue to benefit from his efforts.

But there is a third option ... Tom Davis could run against Nikki Haley for GOVERNOR! That would be the best use of his experience with the state legislature, and it would allow the liberty movement to support BOTH candidates for major office.