Comment: I was never warm and fuzzy

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I was never warm and fuzzy

I burst into the committee RON PAUL!! From that moment6 it has been a fight.. they have not helped me in any way shape or form get my seat, and were actually suprized when they found out I had qualified, and that I had some big names on my list. I have been lied to, lied about, shunned, not invited to any parties, put off from appointments.. anything they can do to let me know they didn't unvite me and Ron Paul can take his invitation and shove it because they are NOT Ron Paul and resebnt someone fighting to take a seat from their little power group.. they all went stealth, undergtround in personal emails.. si what?

That has not stopped me from showing up, nor other Ron Paul Republicans from being seated, and we have our meetings, parties and emails and they are not part of that.. we can work this way, because we have goals, agendas, and youth on our side as we watch them retire.

This is a battle and I'm in.