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a post at the liberty crier

rings true, although i wouldn't have name called at the end.

Everyone thought Rand Paul would be a chip off the old block. Even Ron Paul seemed to as he endorsed and fund-raised for his son. Rand knew we all thought he would be like his dad and he knew he wasn't but he also knew he needed us to win his seat. None of us would have given him any money if we knew he would compromise and that is what makes me the angriest. He was very calculating about all this. I remember it wasn't until after a few moneybombs with the liberty movement that he started taking some neo-con stances. Rand Paul completely used us, willfully misled us. I'm out when it comes to this guy. Never ever again. I may even campaign against him.

Anyone who would use his fathers good name and then soil it, just to get ahead, is scum in my book.