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emotionally invested?

I'm in the GOP where there are people who have POWER, know the rules to break the rules, and don't care about Ron Paul.. MSM is putting Rand Paul in the news, and while he is not Ron Paul who was ignored and censored for decades, Rand has made inroads on few issues, which is better than NO issues.

If you've got some purist plan where you think you can change this government, more power to you, but after 33 years on the outside.. I quit. I'm on the inside now, and while I don't agree with Rand 100%, I agree with Rand more than Christy, Rubio, Palin or Jeb Bush.

Rand is a Junior Senator.. we have a long long way to go, and because the POWERS that be control the ropes, and that includes yours, Rand is the best nominee for president to me, and I will fight for him.