Comment: Those that can't build will

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Those that can't build will

Those that can't build will destroy instead. Why are you wasting our time with your hate? You should either Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of Our Way. If you must try to destroy something how about getting with the program and focus on the task at hand; Like the Federal Reserve and Main Stream Media and their Pentagon propaganda?
What has AJ done to you and yours that makes you hate him so. There are allot of loudmouths online why give them a pass. If AJ went away tomorrow? Who would take his place in bringing millions of supporters to the Freedom and Liberty Movement. Why do you want to divide and conquer? Who is your alternative? (Rachel Maddow?)
I'm no fan of AJ but, his voice is epic. I have been following him since 1997 thanks to WinAmp and ShoutCast. He got my attention right away and gave me the tools needed to understand the tragedy of WACO and he has done the same for millions of others. Who else has done so much for the investigation of 9/11? Sorry but AJ is not a prophet or a god and can't know or be correct about everything. And so being human and public he is bound to make mistakes. At least he owns up and apologies for them when confronted. Unlike every other MSM radio host. I will continue to judge a tree by it's fruit. And the Fruit of AJ is sweet enough to eat.
That being said Please take your hate and venom elsewhere. This community has no time for this non-sense!