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Well Steve

My Dad graduated in 43 and my Mom 49, and they saw themselves as "winners of the wars of the world", and entitled, and they expected that even when they disagreed with their peers, they all KNEW, they were the winners and entitled, so there was a helping each other out that the boomer generation divided. Boomer generation got Nam and Nam lost and we have not trusted each other, not helped each other but divided into the have and the have nots.

As for the GOP.. seems to me, it is my party now, and I seek opportunity to chair the parades and events and do what I was doing as grassroots as a Republican.. my floats will be focusing on sound money, peace and freedom.. I would also like to have a drone drill.. I think when those of us in the GOP begin the transformation, from war to peace, from spending to producing, from tyranny to freedom.. people will wake up and see a new dawn rising in the GOP.

It is up to us to connect our generation as pir parents generation, by becoming the institutions rather than destroying them with no thought of the vacuum.