Comment: Of Course The Buildings Were Detonated

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Of Course The Buildings Were Detonated

Because how on earth could this woman stand at the entrance hole created by the 747, holding onto the metal (See link below)? Very simple answer: Because it wasn't very hot in there at all, let alone anywhere near enough to melt anything significant. Anyone arguing otherwise on this thread is a fool. Please, PLEASE - try and disprove this logic. If the woman can be standing there, any theory on steel melting in an hour is absolutely impossible.

Also, I must point out that I remember seeing this woman on TV on 9/11. I literally jumped out of my chair and was screaming that they needed to get a helicopter to her immediately. I went on about it for 15 minutes or so and then the building collapsed.

Okay, I'm waiting for some "genius" to disprove this. Without a doubt, this picture of the woman disproves any chance of melting steel. The building was detonated. SCROLL DOWN to see the picture of the lady:

Patiently waiting for anyone to challenge this and still claim the steel "melted".