Comment: I think Steve is correct about it being institutions

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I think Steve is correct about it being institutions

My Dad, his brothers, many vets that fougfht WWII were into institutions, like American Legion, Vets of Foreign wars, Grange, Masons.. fraternal orders, which Unions replaced.. who the hekll knows what a grange is today? But back then, most anyone knew what the Grange was.. they knew who Sin of Liberty and Odd Fellows were.. they had marvelous floats and did wonderful things for the communities,, but the Nam war and boomers, under the influence of MSM/ English invasion with The Beatles, and "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll", our parents generations clung onto what they knew and it served them.. until those organizations died,, and then all we have is bogus government saying it can do better what these past organizations did based on commercial global corporate cooperation.

I've never been into TV enouygh to buy one, or listen to the radio.. all the Peter Shift, Jidge, Beck.. and even Alex Jones is MSM to me.. it's everywhere and the message is programming. We have several themes now and it's all about destruction of the institutions to bring us, NWO, apacolypse, end of times