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My Mom, Too

I was born in 1955, when my mom was 21.

When my doctor said I should have surgery, she told me to "get a second opinion," and have the surgery. She trusts authority. (My step-mother, on the other hand, who is 10 years younger, and worked for a hospital billing department, said, "surgeons recommend surgery." I sought out a naturepath and skipped the surgery. She grew up in a rough urban environment.)

That said, my mother also spent time on her grandparents' farm. Her sister married a farmer. These are very independent and self-sufficient people with reliance on family and community. There's no question that her goal as a Mom was to raise children who would become independent adults. She did not think she should dominate us, but tried to encourage us to take responsibility and explore life.

Interestingly, my dad, who has dyslexia, always knew that the authority figures (e.g., teachers), were ignorant, and often exercised their authority unfairly. He used to read our textbooks and correct the errors, and go into school to correct mistakes the teachers made.

I think the biggest task, here, is to ask questions about what the goals are, and whether force should be used. My Mom tends to think that we have agreed to have someone in charge and want it as much as she does, but she would never want force applied to her children.

What do you think?