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I'm not saying to ignor

The GOP sees Ron Paul's support as a PROTEST BLOCK.. so when we protest, they blow us off.. they expect us to protest, and whatever we protest.. they reject.. so people will protest, of course, but we know that it is not working.. so instead, we choose to RALLY what we like.. Rally for the Republic.. Rally to End the Fed, IOWs what we like is what should be our motivation to come together and rally FOR, when it comes to WITHIN the GOP.

What you do outside the GOP, no one in any position of real power, cares to rally, but rather, mislead like GJ. You think politics is a Jack in the Box with a menu just for you.. ain't so. We need to rally for what we want on the menu rather than protest what we don't want.. that's for the outsiders. Nothing wrong with being an outsider. It's a choice for those who are not ready, unewilling or unable to FIGHT.. note, seems we fight the apathy of the outsiders as much as the difiance of the GOP establishment.