Comment: The Next Logical Step, Testing the Theory

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The Next Logical Step, Testing the Theory

I'm not a metallurgist, structural engineer or architect but I am a curious fellow. Given my inherent distrust of the federal government, I also believe the official report of what happened on September 11, 2001 is a coverup.

There are many, many professionals as well as 9/11 theorists throughout the Internet that have offered technical explanations of how the buildings collapsed. However I have yet to see or hear of a scientifically possible experiment set up to test such theories. Is it possible to do a 'Mythbusters' (i.e., the TV show) controlled test?

There is a museum in New York City that has an exhibit of the original WTC (World Trade Center) model (see: ). It is built to a 1:200 scale.

Maybe 1:200 scale is too small to test a theory, given the requirement to use the same building materials and structural design required to simulate a valid experiment. Perhaps the scale should be 1:20 (about 70 feet high). I have no figures on what the cost would be to build it (if feasible) but I think it should be explored.

A scale model Boeing 767 airplane could be used to crash into the building directed on a fixed guided wire (see: ).

Does anyone here have any thoughts on taking the next step beyond theory discussion?