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As I see it

Alex Jones is good to present facts (which are often correct.) But to expect that Ron Paul or Alex Jones have intellectual mightness to produce the truth is premature. Nobody can. Reality is bigger than theory. The greatness of RP is that he stands on ideas of Ayn Rand and Mises. Good thing, RP does not copy Rothbardian anarchism; bad thing, he did not study Ayn Rand enough to understand.

People should spend less time on youtube and TV news and more time reading book, taking notes, and understanding every concept of a theory they accept. Therefore, instead of GMO or flouride hysteria (even if justified), one should better spend hours to understand why allowing bankers free unregulated hand (no regulations, no supervision & no taxes) is good for YOU and your family.

Weakness of many RP supporter is this: they are looking for someone to tell the truth as it is. But truth is a work of your own rational mind. Rational to the best of your own mind.