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Well let's see. If I have gold and the government says it can't be used as money, I can still sell it and get value back. There are uses for gold and recent science has found even more uses for nano-technology. It has been over $1700 an ounce for quite awhile now. And I don't believe there will ever be a time they try to confiscate gold again, this is not the 1930's. Even if say the US did try to confiscate gold (which they won't), there would be a way to sell it abroad.
If I have bitcoin and the government says it is a counterfeit currency and shuts it down, well then I lose anything I put into. There's nothing to sell and regain any value back. I've said this before, they Fed's shut down the Liberty dollar before hardly any even got shipped out, and it wasn't even trying to be a competing currency. They said it was counterfeiting. They will say that bitcoin is a coin, and Article 1 sec 8 of the Constitution gives only the Congress power to coin money.