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I know the issue

You see, it is not about chemicals per say, but their concentration. Politicians and radio talk heads have no clue what level is harmful and how harmful, neither most scientists do. All guess safety risk and liability dollars. I will give you just two examples.

1) After spending billions and years on research, EPA had found high levels of lead in water troughout USA. It recommended to run water for 2 min before using it. Few years later, realizing how much water will be waisted, the whole lead issue had disappered.

2) Recent Japan nuclear plant spill out. AJ went completely ape. US had dispatched its military and scientists to Japan with equipment to measure radiation independently. They found 7 particles per volume unit of radioactive stuff. There was a short piece of news (taken down day later): 2 particles are from Japan, 5 particles are from old USA nuclear tests. No more reports were heard from USA.