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A quick clarification: I am in fact mostly white. I totally understand the confusion because I do in fact speak as a native a lot of the time. Cause that's how I think. Having grown up in Dineh'tah your mom probably shared this charactaristic. It's a pretty different world view, totally different perception of time.

So to address some of your points, I don't exactly know where I am going but I pray to the One, to God that I come home. And that is my deepest heart's desire.

And I'm sure you know that Christianity seems to float right down on top of native spirituality like...kinda perfect. It seems we can have both belief systems and merge them like the NAC or other examples, there's TONS of Christian indians. There's something of a mystery in there because we still pray to other powers but there's something in there where they stop just short of being DEITIES. So I'm not sure we were ever "polytheists" in the sense you might think. I think we have been pretty clear that there is ONE AND ONLY ONE SUPREME BEING, THE FATHER OF US ALL. And He is called many names in many languages but it is all the same name.

So you pray that God reveal himself to me. Thank you. And I tell you in fact that according to my tradition, that's pretty much our job in this world, in this life. And all of our 7 Sacred Ceremonies are designed to do exactly that.

And it all begins with the Pipe. The Sacred Channupa which was given to us by a transcendental being called White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Hocho ka wanji, yuha ilotakeki, miksuya opagi-yo.

So am I OK? Nope. Do I have to pray for strength and not to be afraid sometimes? Yup. Do I feel abandoned? Nope. I feel like my spiritual well being is very well cared for. I have a lot of confidence in my ancestors and I was taught to believe in my "spirit protectors". I guess my big concern, being the last of my line is I really don't want to die in an alley. And my bones have to get into the ground next to my people or my ashes. Something, that's what is most important. And I carry certain possessions that need to make it into certain hands to the medicine is not broken. These are the Wampums, the "more than money" that document our relationships. One of them must go to a Llennappe or be returned to Cherokee.

Some very old promises at work here. And I think you just made yourself part of them. I will sing a song for you. Take your pick, you can have Morning Star or you can have 4-Directions. If you have kids take the 4-Directions and they will have protection.

You are very kind to me.

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