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Comment: So I get no representation in Anarchy? Warlord of the flies?

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So I get no representation in Anarchy? Warlord of the flies?

"You also said that people covet and want to take liberty with force."

ATM people want plunder and slaves more than liberty. I've made it very clear, and said that both my Libertarian Government and an Anarchists Chaos fail for the same reason; people get what they deserve. Until people come to grips with their nature, covetous people will ALWAYS get what justly coming to them; Chaos and enslavement.

There's a VERY good reason I can't stand Anarchists; they oppose everything a Libertarian represents, everything that works, and all they want to do is destroy. They can't tell you what they want, because they want to live in Anarchist Lala Land imagining themselves as a Godless Jesus here to save all the stupid sheep and retards.

"If the above is true, then the covetous people will elect representatives to write laws which legalize plunder. "

At least they'll need to try and operate in the light of day and win the debate in a representative government. I love watching looters argue that they're serving justice. Now we can see them for what they are. An Anarchist doesn't want the debate to even happen. What they want is a free market of violence lead by a self worshiper from the shadows.

"How does a limited republic with the rule of law and elected representatives solve your problem if the rulers do what the people want -- which is to take things by force?"

It won't until people overcome their nature and want justice more than plunder and slaves, and that's why I sound like such a broken record sometimes. Justice begins with Liberty, and injustice begins with mans covetous nature.