Comment: From one soldier to another

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From one soldier to another

I don't normally respond to posts, but when I saw yours, I felt I should say something. I would like to think that I understand your situation exactly, but everyone is unique, so let me try to offer some insight as a soldier who has been Active Duty for 5 years now.

Currently as an Active duty soldier, I'm dealing with similar issues like yourself. My morals and beliefs don't exactly line up with the things I currently see, or am ordered to do in the Army. I have spent many days looking inside myself, wondering if this is the right choice. There are a lot of things that this Army has been ordered to do that I don't agree with morally. But there is a lot of good that is done by volunteering your time to be a soldier, as a stone in the wall that will shield Americans and our Constitution from those who would harm us. That is why I still continue to be a soldier; to defend the Constitution, the people of America and their right to freedom and liberty. An Army is a necessary tool to help ensure the people it serves will remain free, from enemies both "foreign and domestic".

You seem like a smart individual (as I'm sure all RP supporters are). Think of the good you could do as an officer in the Army. Officers lead, train, teach, and mentor. You will most likely have command of soldiers, and be an example for them to base their lives on. You will have opportunities to teach and educate others within the Army what you know and believe.

War in general is immoral. But defense of your fellow man for his right to life and freedom is not. The Army itself is not immoral because it's intended purpose is to defend the freedom of the people it serves. It's when powerful men use it for immoral purposes, there lies the problem.

If you think you would be serving an organization with an immoral purpose, let me offer you something to consider- The beliefs that many Republicans have are to promote freedom. Now we all know that powerful men have hijacked the Republican party to use it for what many would call immoral purposes. However, even among these organizations there are individuals, like Ron Paul, who fight for the truth. Would you consider Ron Paul to be an immoral person for serving under an organization like the Republican Party?

In the end, I would say only do what your conscience and your principles tell you. Don't ever let those fall to fear or intimidation. And if you believe that you need to try and remove yourself from joining the Army, then do so.