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The 4 things that turned the country to the dark side:

1. The pre-printed ballot. Up until the 1880's, a voter had to be able to write the name of the candidate in order to vote for them. If you didn't know the name of a judge, for example, you couldn't vote for them. Only voters that were up on the issues and candidates of the day voted. Nowadays, ignorant irish voters vote for Judge Sullivan, ignorant black voters vote for Washington and women vote for Helen somebody. The media exhorts everybody to get out and vote even if they haven't a clue about the candidates.

2. The abolition of literacy tests for voting in the late 1800's and early 1900's, which, to some extent, had reduced the effect of the pre-printed ballot.

3. Uneducated black men voting. Up until the 15th Amendment in 1870 black slaves were commonly kept from literacy for reasons such as they could forge their own travel papers.

4. Uneducated women voting. 1920. Women were not commonly up on their politics due their traditional roles of the day and illiteracy rates were twice that of the men.

Don't get me wrong. Literacy and familiarity with current events is no longer an issue and I'd merely like to trade the pre-printed ballot in on a system where the voter has to either type, write or speak the name of the candidate being voted for.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ