Comment: Giants are mentioned in the Old Testament

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Giants are mentioned in the Old Testament

The giants were half fallen angels. One of the reasons God destroyed the world by flood. To stop the inbreeding. In the book of Daniel in the last days before the return of Christ, this activity of Nephilim the Bible calls it, the seed of the woman would be mixed with the seed of the creature. I think many call them Reptilians. I used to think it was pure madness the Reptilian stuff UNTIL I listened to Chuck Misler teaching called the return of the Nephilim. See the teaching, it's great!!! Talks about UFO's too and scientific studies, dementions of the supernatural and how the Nephilim can go into different dementions and crop circles and more. Good info!!

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In the last few videos of the session it mentions how the giants will be here in end days. Or I think most likely regular looking Nephilim, some tall would be here in the day of the return of Christ.