Comment: You Remind Me of a Good Point

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You Remind Me of a Good Point

I would assume that many in the Paul family read this site, and wouldn't say things I wouldn't say to their faces.

I've never understood why the hatred some have for this person or that, especially as a candidate, is so virulent. I understand the disagreement with their positions, but not the hatred. (Even for Obama; I pity him.)

Rand, Gary Johnson, etc. What's funny, sometimes, is people disliking Rand or Gary because of his position on something, only to find out Ron shares it.

No, neither of them is Ron Paul. I just don't understand rudeness, crudeness, or hatred.

Especially since I'd be thrilled to have Carol, Rand, or any of the Paul family as neighbors and friends, and probably have more in common with them than some of my own family members!

What do you think?